What Might you Make? A new little venture in laser cutting. I’ve been making some pretty incredible things for friends over the last month or so. Through word of mouth, a lot of people have been asking if I’d ever offer a laser cutting service. Well, let’s give it a shot. @mightmake www.mightmake.com

Rainy out? Warm up by the fire. A fire made of lasers, that is.

Thanks for having me. A special night. #RUnightofhope


@pechakucha tonight!

eee. More hints, sorry they have to be hints.

The stencil is glowing, excited to be in use.

Nothing worth doing is easy. We’re giving this guy some tlc today. It gets a new sidewalk too!

Way to go @victorsaad & the entire #Expinstitute last night! One group completing their diplomas, and another just beginning.

He’s holding! Check out Ask Geoffrey on WTTW last night. #yabsticker